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Search engine advertising (SEA) is an essential part of efficient online marketing. SEA extends the reach of marketing / SEO campaigns, generates traffic and can lead to more direct sales. We provide both strategic development as well as professional support and optimisation. And we can also help you with multi-channel campaigns.
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Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

Search engine advertising is an essential part of efficient online marketing and serves to increase the reach, traffic generation or the targeted increase in sales.

We provide both the strategic structure and the professional support and optimization of pure search engine and multi-channel campaigns.

90% of all Internet users use search engines

Channels in Search Engine Advertising


Use millions of searches and target the right keywords


Accomplish higher coverage with display advertising


Target your audience with viral video


Reactivate visitors after they have left your website


Advertise on smartphones and tablets

Local & Social

Increase your CTR’s through social and local advertising

Online Advertising

Our Services – Search Engine Advertising

Search Advertising

Making use of targeted search engine traffic for your sales approach. We develop an individual campaign concept and bring your ads to top positions. Our services include keyword analysis, campaign structure, ad creation, bid management, optimisation and regular reporting.

Display Advertising

We create a matching campaign and design for the Google Display Network with individual targeting concepts. As part of this process, we also create both standard and special advertising formats.

YouTube™/ Video Advertising

Media planning, targeting, videos, banners and text ads on YouTube ™ and other video platforms. We provide professional analysis, design, construction and optimisation of campaigns.


With targeted remarketing, we help retain customers and achieve campaign goals faster. We develop integrated remarketing campaigns that are addressed individually to potential customers and put them to action on the Google Display Network and in Google search.

Mobile Advertising

Whether you are using mobile search, a mobile display network, in-app advertising or mobile YouTube ™, we provide optimal support for mobile advertising.

Local & Social

Location-based and relevant advertising. We develop customised campaigns to targeted customers and address them locally. Through social ad extension and the construction of your Google+ presence, we increase the relevance of ads and drive the success of online marketing campaigns.

Our Services at a Glance


Your goals are at the heart of the campaign: we provide a concept to reach them


We help to reduce marketing costs, increase CTRs and conversions


Deliver campaigns, content and objectives optimally to your audience


We deliver comprehensive, clear and comprehensible reports on your campaigns and KPIs


Certified Experts (CAP) supervise the entire process, identify optimisation potential and assist in the project’s implementation


We build expertise and hands-on experiences in workshops based around your business

Our Approach

1. Strategic Consulting

1.1 Evaluation of current structure

Account structure, adwords, landing pages, competition

1.2 Needs Analysis

Media budget, ads, campaign types

1.3 Definition of objectives

2. Conception & Support

2.1 Campaign planning

Account structure, keywords, landing pages, competition

2.2 Creation of promotoinal material

Account structure, keywords, landing pages, competition

2.3 Setting up reports

3. Optimisation & Report

3.1 Campaign launch

3.2 Analysis workshop

3.3 Assistance & Optimisation