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Retargeting focuses on those users who have already visited your page and have thus shown initial interest. These users are specifically targeted again to achieve a conversion following their first visit.
Search Advertising, Display Advertising, YouTube™/ Video Advertising, Media planning, Mobile Advertising, Local And Social Location
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Retargeting focuses on those users who have already visited your page and have thus shown initial interest.

These users are specifically targeted again to achieve a conversion following their first visit.



One visit is not enough.

leave the site without conventions0%
Abandon their shopping cart0%
visit the site at least 3 times before they buy0%


A second chance



Convince visitors with targeted ads

Dynamic and personalised creation for each visitor based on their experience on the page


  • Dozens of professionally designed models to choose from
  • Link to your merchant centre catalogue

Retargeting Opportunities

Open Door

The user has shown initial interest


Get to know your customers by accompanying them through their web session


A ‚familiarisation‘ with the brand and thus higher conversions


Brand omnipresence increases trust

Multi Channel

Reach the user wherever they are on the web


Which form of advertising can convince which type of customer?

Remarketing Conversion – Funnel

Retargeting is an Ongoing Process

Short visit

Brand advertising

Viewed several pages / products

Targeted advertising based on their interactions

Abandoned shopping cart

Targeted advertising and other persuasion points for products


User performs desired action

Our Retargeting Services

Search Advertising

A more targeted use of search engine traffic to approach customers. We develop an individual campaign concept based on previous interactions by users with the website and bring ads to top positions. Our services include campaign structure, ad creation, bid management as well as optimisation and regular reporting.

Display Advertising

We create an appropriate campaign and design for the Google Display Network by personalising retargeting concepts. For this purpose, we produce both standard and special advertising formats.

YouTube™/ Video Advertising

Media planning, targeting, video placement, banners and text ads on YouTube ™ and other video platforms. We carry out professional analysis, design, construction and optimisation of campaigns.

Mobile Advertising

Whether you are using mobile search, a mobile display network, in-app advertising or mobile
YouTube™, we can help you use this channel for successful retargeting.

Local and Social

Location-based and relevant advertising. We develop customised retargeting campaigns to address customers more directly and locally.

Our Services at a Glance


The goal is the focus of campaign planning


Production of specific user groups based on browsing behaviour


Reduce costs, increase CTRs and conversions


Deliver campaigns, content and objectives optimally


We create a matching campaign and design concept


Comprehensive reporting on campaign results


Certified experts (CAP) supervise the entire process


Analysis and selection of the best platforms for customer approach


Build expertise and train employees

Our Approach

1. Strategic Consulting

1.1 Evaluation of the current system

User behaviour on the site, conversions and bounces

1.2 Needs analysis

Media budget, ads, campaign types

2. Conception & Support
2.1 Campaign planning
Channels, personas and segments

2.2 Creation of advertising media

Account structure, keywords, landing pages, competition

2.3 Setting reports

3. Optimisation

3.1 Campaign launch

3.2 Analysis workshop

3.3 Support & optimisation